Pakej Mampu Milik Jalurlebar

Pakej Mampu Milik Jalurlebar

The Pakej Mampu Milik Jalurlebar 1Malaysia is a broadband service package with a Priority of Service (PoS) by location and only offered to Malaysians who are subscribing within the 5 designated state areas. These states were identified by MCMC as low broadband penetration areas. The PMM is retailed which starts at RM20 for wireless broadband and RM38 monthly for wired broadband.

These packages is for rural communities with low household income and to increase affordability of subscription to them. This program also aims to enrich rural communities for personal socio-economy improvements and awareness.

Please click here to download where PoS is available

Service Provider Price Quota Speed Details
Celcom RM25 1GB 512kbps Prepaid
Maxis RM25 700MB 512kbps Prepaid
Digi RM25 500MB 512kbps Prepaid
U Mobile RM20 0.5GB 1Mbps Prepaid
Packet One RM25 1GB 512kbps Prepaid
XOX Com RM18 300MB 1.4Mbps Prepaid
Telekom Malaysia RM38 Unlimited 384kbps Wired (postpaid)
Telephone Line rental

Eligibility Criteria for this Package

  • One subscription/per customer per Telco
  • Must be Malaysian citizen
  • Identity Card and Utilities bill are required during registration
  • Prepaid (12 years and above with the consent of their guardians)- refer to the Prepaid guideline
  • Postpaid (18 years and above)

Prepaid Postpaid
No other charges shall apply to consumers Any other charges such as activation fees, deposit, contract, dongle etc shall be clearly spelt out in the T&C and advertisement
Any other charges e.g. dongle shall be clearly spelt out in the T&C and advertisement
Validity/Tenure: 1 month Validity/Tenure : 1 month
The T&C of each Service provider shall apply The T&C of each Service provider shall apply

For more information, please contact your telco provider for further details.